English Department Philosophy

The English discipline offers students a lens through which to more deeply understand themselves and the world around them and to communicate those understandings to others.

What we do
Our mission is to help students develop skill and confidence in these three areas:

1)Critical thinking. Students learn to react thoughtfully to texts.  They inquire, research, analyze and propose and defend arguments about abstract ideas as well as moral and ethical issues emerging from texts of all kinds.
2)Communication.  Students learn to communicate meaningfully in written and spoken discourse.  Effective communication skills inlcude mastery of narrative and argumentative structure, sentence construction, tone, and grammar as well as sharing and responding to ideas and perspectives during class discussions.
3)Awareness.  Students develp their awareness of the individual and others on a local and global scale, finding connections, and building empathy with those unlike themselves.

How we do it
Through our courses at every level, we provide students access to:

1) Texts that are relevant, meaningful, and broadening.  They emphasize the richness of language in its capacity to communicate and to spark joy in reading.
2) Writing opportunities that are varied and authentic.  They emphasize students' ownership of ideas and structure and encourage positive academic risk-taking.
3) Opportunities for discussion and collaboration with peers, both formal and informal, that emphasize a balance of listening to, sharing, and exchanging ideas.

Department Leader
Dianne Telicki 
Telephone: (978)264-4700 extension 3477
Fax: (978)266-1133
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