Language Labs

There are currently two language labs each consisting of 30 students booths. Each booth contains a computer with a headset and microphone and each computer has Sony Soloist software as well as word processing, presentation software and internet access. A teacher console in each lab runs Sony Virtuoso software allowing teachers to control student activities and monitor each student as they work. The following is a sample of some of the activities provided through the Soloist Software:

  • Students can listen to digitized files, CDs or tapes
  • Students can watch videos or DVDs on their computer monitors
  • Students can ask and answer questions in random paired activities
  • Students can participate in a class discussion via a conference that allows one person to speak at a time
  • Students can take a test where responses are timed and automatically recorded
  • Students can listen and watch prepared text and also record answers to questions in the text
  • Teachers can send students pictures, pages from a book or 3D objects to view on their computer monitors

Teachers are able to collect student recordings and listen to them on their laptops. Also, the internet is used for research, grammar review and vocabulary practice.

Students are scheduled to attend the lab one class period every other week. Teachers may sign up for additional time in the labs as space permits.

Each year National Language exams and AP exams are administered in the labs. In addition to listening components, the AP exams have speaking sections where students utilize the recording capabilities of the equipment.