Mission & Vision


Together we promote respect for self, others, and learning.

Learning Expectations

In our effort to promote high standards and create life-long learners, students will:

1. Respect others, demonstrate tolerance, and accept different perspectives and cultures. 

2. Set goals, meet challenges, and adapt to change in the pursuit of academic excellence. 

3. Self-advocate and respect one’s self by making positive decisions to maintain balance, health, and safety in one’s social and academic life. 

4. Communicate effectively through verbal, visual, and written language. 

5. Demonstrate problem solving skills, apply knowledge, and think critically and creatively. 

6. Read for understanding, synthesize information, and develop a coherent argument. 

7. Access, utilize, and gain proficiency in technology to enhance learning and understanding. 

8. Work effectively with others by listening, communicating, and collaborating. 

9. Be responsible and active citizens at national, local, and global levels.